Vault of Fortune Online Slot from Yggdrasil

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We review the Vault of Fortune online slot, a 5 reel game with 20 paylines from Yggdrasil. There are bonus spins and a bonus round, plus wild and scatter symbols. The Vault of Fortune slot also has cascading reels and is available for mobile play.

With a single bet, five rotating reels and the right combination symbols, you can blow the doors off this slot and win prizes worth up to €1,100,000! However, to play payouts topping 11,000X, you need the right tools. So, to help you open up this world of potential, here’s our Vault of Fortune slot review.

Inside the walls of an ancient monument stands the vault. Surrounded by Egyptian artefacts and filled with promise, this tomb of plenty has been lost for years. Now, through a combination of perseverance and luck, you find yourself at its doors.

Ready to step inside, you reach for the bet button. In a flash, five reels spring to life and whirling symbols fill the air. You wait for the melee and the doors slowly open. It’s a this point you discover the true value of Vault of Fortune.

More on the Vault of Fortune online slot on the Yggdrasil website.


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