Online Poker Ten Years Past Black Friday

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Ten years have past since the darkest day in online poker history. The infamous “Black Friday” as it came to be called. And now, on this milestone anniversary of sorts, many in the industry take time to reflect on how much has changed since then.

Hundreds of millions of players deposits and winnings were suddenly frozen by the American government, but eventually most customers had their money returned to them. And now in 2021, states are beginning to embrace internet betting… even though things are no where near where they were in 2011.

Online poker seems to have taken a backseat to fantasy sports, sports betting, and casino gambling. And poker is unlike other forms on web based betting, as it is dependent upon having a pool of players to compete against one another. However, with the recent court ruling that the Federal Wire Act only applies to sports bets, there is renewed hope that poker will receive a shot in the arm if and when states pool player bases together.

Some industry experts believe that Michigan and Pennsylvania will agree to a pool their poker player bases this year. Then, if states like Connecticut and West Virginia end up passing online poker legislation, we could see things get interesting into 2022.

With the activity already legal and regulated in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware ( and more and more states consider joining the party) things could get very interesting in 2023 and beyond. You can read more details about the past, present and future of online poker in America by visiting Poker News.


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