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Las Vegas Uber and Lyft Drivers Hard to Find

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We were all waiting for things to get back to normal. But now, finding a Las Vegas Uber or Lyft driver is almost impossible! The tourists are returning to Sin City for sure. However, not all of the ride share drivers are ready to return to work.

“They weren’t enforcing the mask mandate so passengers were getting in the cars without having to use masks and if you tell them to use masks they would rate you bad or have an attitude with you,” said Will Misdom, who works for one of the companies.

If that were not enough to discourage some drivers, the rising cost of gas and other business fees have them clearing less money now than before the pandemic. “Raise the pay up to at least what it was before COVID hit,” Misdom said.  Of course, the issues with Las Vegas Uber and Lyft have only helped the taxi drivers.

Misdom continued that the company continues to send him incentives to drive again, but “…just like a lot of other drivers we don’t want to do it because it’s not worth it and they have been cutting rates on top of that”.

You can read more about the troubles facing Las Vegas Uber and Lyft drivers at Fox 5 Vegas.


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